South Bark’s training classes are taught by trained, reputable professionals. Our classes are fun for both ends of the leash! Classes meet one hour, once a week for six weeks. All ages of dogs and humans are welcome. Check the calendar for a complete list of class dates.

Class highlights:

  • Positive techniques
  • Small, personalized classes
  • Completely fenced in & lighted training area
  • Classes run six-weeks, one-hour sessions unless otherwise noted

Your Obedience Specialist: K8’s Gr8 K9s
Growing up in a dog training family, Kate Palese first learned the “old” methods of dog training. Experience taught her that it is easier to motivate a dog to do what you WANT it to do, rather than to punish it for doing everything else. She trains as positively as she can and doesn’t even own a choke chain!
K8’s Gr8 K9s

Class Descriptions

Puppy Class

5 one hour classes. Your puppy needs some love and training. Through positive reinforcement, you will learn what your puppy needs to be in the world. Dogs must be 6 months or younger. 


All Ages

5 one hour sessions. Thru positive reinforcement, learn loose lead walking, sit, stay, come, dog to dog greeting, dog to human greeting, and how to properly socialize your dog with other dogs and humans, and much more. Dogs must be 7 months and older.