Full Service Spa Packages

Let a South Bark Spa Member pamper your pet. Choose a package that fits the needs of your pet or South Bark can help you. All Full Service Spa Packages include our signature Blueberry Facial®, Ear Cleaning, and Blow Dry.

If your dogs needs a haircut, we can do that too. Call 619-232-7387 to book any of these services.

Please call 619-232-7387 to make an appointment. South Bark requires a $20 deposit to book a Full Service Spa appointment. Your appointment is a reservation of individualized attention and services for your pet. Should you need to cancel, as long as you cancel 24 hours prior to your appointment, your deposit will be refunded or you can reschedule your appointment..

Should you no show or cancel within less than 24 hours, your deposit will not be refunded OR credited towards another appointment.

The Blueberry Love

Our most popular package with our signature Blueberry shampoo, conditioner and cologne. If you want your dog clean, relaxed and blueberry scented this package is for you.


The Hypo/Puppy

Your sensitive pup will be perfectly cleaned and fluffed with this hypo-allergenic shampoo and conditioning package. This package contains no scent and no dye.


The Day at the Spa

Luxurious and color enhancing. This package is for those dogs that need beautifying, silky hair and a ready to go out on the town look.


The After Beach

This package removes sand & residue from the coat and provides therapeutic shampoo to help with any skin issues that may arise from a fun day in the sun & sea.


The De-Shedder

South Bark uses specialty de-shedding products, sprays, and tools to remove all the excess hair that usually ends up on your floor.


The Dirty Dog

The package provides deep cleaning for those dogs who need it. We use deodorizing and cleansing products to clean the whole body. Package also includes a coat brightener.


The Medicated

Based on the condition of the skin, therapeutic shampoo, conditioners, and sprays are chosen to provide best relief to skin issues and concerns.


The The HoneySuckle

This package provides a natural probiotic medicated bath to gently soothe skin conditions and unhealthy coats. The probiotic nature of the shampoo, conditioner and spray provides a pleasant scent.


The Itchy-Dog

If your dog is scratching this package will help soothe the itch. We use anti- itch shampoo , conditioner and sprays to alleviate the scratching and help heal the skin.


The Flea

This package removes the fleas from the body and treats the itchiness and mess that they leave behind.


The I Got Skunked

We help alleviate the stink and the residual effects by providing a detoxifying mud facial, oil removing and deodorizing shampoo, conditioner, and cologne.


Quick Wash

These packages are 30-40 minute appointments.

The Blueberry Love

Ear Cleaning and Teeth Cleaning. Towel Drying Only


The Hypo/Puppy

Ear Cleaning, and Teeth Cleaning. Towel Drying Only


Ala Carte

Nail Trimming: $19.00
Nail Trimming with Package: $15.00
Dew Claw Nail Trimming: $9.00
Teeth Cleaning: $10.00
Specialty Mud: $6.00 per 2 oz.
Shampoo Upgrade: $5.00 – $10.00

Additional Services

Non Anesthesia Teeth Cleaning

Self  Service Options:
All day Saturday & Sunday, Monday & Tuesday

You wash your own dog and South Bark cleans up the mess.

Reservations Required.

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