Message from Lisa & Donna

We appreciate the support and love over the years. My how we have changed since we opened our doors on October 3, 2000.  We now offer full service grooming and haircuts as well a self service. We carry products for your cats and dogs. Please stop by our store and check us out. We love to chat and help you with your pets.

Full service grooming and haircuts Monday thru Friday and Self Service offered 7 days a week.
Call us to make a full service appointment, 619-232-7387.

Make a reservation for Self Service here.

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Donna and Lisa thank you for your commitment to shop small.

South Bark offers Frequent Buying and Loyalty Programs:
We keep track of your purchases electronically. Earn free bags of food and earn points for every dollar spent in our store. Earn free items and discounts.

No need for you to keep a card or keep track. We do the work for you!