Self Service Wash Packages


Self Service Options
You wash your own dog and South Bark cleans up the mess.
Reservations Required

If you are in the area, you can always call us and find out if we have a tub available.

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The Blueberry Love

Blueberry Brightener Shampoo, Blueberry Clove Conditioner, Choice of Blueberry Cologne


The Dirty Dog

Deodorize Shampoo, Color Brightener, Chrome Conditioner, Chrome Finishing Spray, Ear Cleaning & Dryer


The After Beach

Clarify Shampoo, MicroTek Shampoo, EQyss Conditioner, Ear Cleaning & Dryer


The Day at the Spa

Essential Shampoo, Color Brightener, Nourish Conditioner, Choice of Cologne, Ear Cleaning, Dryer and Leave in Conditioner Spray


The I Got Skunked

Detoxifying mud facial, Clarify Shampoo, Deodorize Shampoo, Blueberry Clove Conditioner, Choice of Cologne, Ear Cleaning & Dryer


The Hypoallergenic/Puppy

Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo and Conditioner, Ear Cleaning & Hypo Facial


The Medicated

Appropriate Combination of Medicated Shampoos, Soothe Conditioner, Micro-Tek or Soothe Spray, Ear Cleaning & Dryer


The Flea

Ultimate Shampoo, Micro-Tek Shampoo, Soothe Conditioner, MicroTek Spray, Flea Comb, Ear Cleaning & Dryer


The De Shed

De-Shedding Shampoo, Conditioner, Ear Cleaning, Speed Dry Spray (Minimizes Drying time), Choice of Cologne, Dryer


Ala Carte

Ear Cleaning: $5.00

Teeth Cleaning: $10.00

Specialty Mud: $6.00 per 2 oz.

South Bark carries mud that helps with
skin & coat concerns.

Shampoo Upgrade: $5.00

Nail Appointments
(NEW for 2023 – South Bark offers Weekend Nail Trimming Appointment)

Call 619-232-7387 to make appointment

$15.00 (w/bath package)